The book "Lunch - passionate vegetarian" by Eschi Fiege. She cooks as if she loves us ...

W When the meal is ready, Eschi Fiege hangs her homemade flag on the balcony of her old apartment on Vienna's Naschmarkt. She spontaneously knotted them together years ago from a tea towel and a broomstick. And she's still great today. When the checkered cloth flutters in the wind, all the initiates know: Now it's delicious lunch again.

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Four years ago, Eschi had the spontaneous idea of ​​inviting friends to a lunch table in their living room - as a kind of vegetarian private restaurant. She cooks, people come during lunch break, have something decent to eat and on top of that spend a nice, relaxed hour together in a cozy environment. Or two. Or three. Because it happens not so rare that someone after the dessert discreetly moved into the next room, something from jam or dentist appointment in the cell phone murmurs and then settles down again with a happy sigh at the table. Eschi is relaxed and tasty. It's nice at Eschi. At Eschi, you just want to stay forever. Or get married right now.

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"She cooks as if she were us love, "said one of the guests.

And that's a lot of people now. At some point, Eschi's friends started bringing their friends. They also brought back friends and so it can happen in the meantime that on some days Eschi does not know anyone at their lunch table. When asked if it is not funny to have so many strange people in the Wohnug, Eschi says: "But these are not strange hordes. These are friends of friends. That's a different story. "And you somehow immediately believe that.

 Eschi Fiege Lunch |

When you get to know Eschi, you have a direct idea why people always want to eat with them. This is not just because of their delicious vegetarian menus - there are just people who radiate a certain level of basic satisfaction and a lot of positive energy. Since you just want to add a short time and a few minutes a mental "Everything is good shower" enjoy. If these people pamper you with delicious food, you can not get out of the number. You're a fan.

By the way, Eschi is a writer in real life and writes for food magazines, among other things. That's why it was probably only a stone's throw away to share her lunch time with even more people: Lunch - Passionate Vegetarian is the name of her book that has just been published.

Auf 208 pages, she shows us appetizers, main courses and desserts, tells a little about her life and her passion for cooking, gives tips for entertaining people and makes menu suggestions that you would like to cook NOW IMMEDIATELY. In addition, there are great food photos by the Hamburg photographer Vanessa Maas.There were small dishes from the book such as the delicious pea soup with mint or the aromabombige Schmortomaten bruschetta with goat cheese (see below). Massive delicious white wine, chance reunion with old Pilates course acquaintances and a delightfully sociable round with Stevan Paul and Rike von Lykkelig. And the next morning, a well-groomed white-wine abuse headache.

Surely I'm going to cook a lot more from Eschi's lunch . And have their laughter and this wonderful motto in mind:

Eschi Fiege Lunch Impressions #gourmet guerrilla #Delicious #Cookbook

I have nothing left to add.

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Lunch - Passionate Vegetarian
Eschi Fiege
Brandstätter Verlag
208 Pages
ISBN-10 : 3850336530
ISBN-13: 978-3850336536 29,90 €

Photo credit: See all images save the portrait from Eschi Fiege's lunch menu.

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