Pumpkin, glorious pumpkin! My 8 favorite recipes with Hokkaido & Co.

R these piles of bright orange pumpkins glowing in the autumn sunshine - for the moment, my heart goes all the way when I drop by the greengrocer. And only very rarely do I come home without one of the great bobs. Pumpkin is so versatile, healthy, delicious and easy to prepare ... actually could have to be eaten every day in the fall. You're also a big pumpkin fan and are still looking for a recipe for tonight? Very well! Here are my favorite recipes with Hokkaido & Co. - hearty, sweet, salty, off the plate, out of shape and even tasty with alcohol in the glass. Maybe there is something for you too?

Have it yummy!

Pumpkin and potatoes from the tin with green masala-herb sauce and lemon yoghurt

Pumpkin and potatoes from the tin with green masala herb sauce and lemon yoghurt bring so much taste and color to the plate - because you are so suddenly desireless happy. The warm velvety pumpkin with roasted aromas, the salty wrinkled potatoes, a spicy herbal sauce and refreshing, creamy yoghurt with a hint of lemon plus crisp, nutty pine nuts ... the combination is stunning! And also easy-peasy without much cooking experience. Promised! Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin, glorious pumpkin! My 8 favorite recipes with Hokkaido & Co.

Vanilla Pumpkin Thriller - a tasty Halloween cocktail with pumpkin and vodka

Soon it will be time again. The disguised offspring pulls from house to house and extorts collects sweets from the dear neighbors. The man actually takes over the task of accompanying children with us (especially as sometimes something falls off for him). But before he marches through the neighborhood with Grim Reaper Junior, he likes to brace himself with an amazingly delicious (and tasty) Halloween cocktail. Pumpkin in liquid form - you want that too! Click here for the recipe.

Vanilla Pumpkin Thriller a Happy Halloween Cocktail | GourmetGuerilla.com

Home-made boar stew with pumpkin and potato stew and lingonberries

You like to remember the trips with grandma and grandfather, where lunch at the Landgasthof Wildschweingulasch on huge plates? This wonderfully traditional affair, with half pear and cranberries. However, preparing your own game seemed to you to be too time-consuming or complicated? Then you should try wild boar meatball! The wild-wine hack is made with spices in 20 seconds in the food processor itself. And the result is great: The meatballs actually taste quite different than normal meatballs - fuller with a deep, round flavor. Add to that the slushy pumpkin-potato-tamping and the sweetness of the cranberries - just a perfect autumn meal. Click here for the recipe.

Wild boar and potato with pumpkin Pumpkin and cranberries GourmetGuerilla.de

Not at all Poor pumpkin knight with crispy ham and maple syrup

The classic poor knights get here a wonderfully lush upgrade: The bread is in a delicious mixture dipped with pureed pumpkin and then fried crispy golden brown in the pan. In addition there are crispy fried ham cubes and strong maple syrup. Perfect soulfood for lazy Sunday mornings with breakfast in bed. Click here for the recipe.

Poor pumpkin knight with maple syrup and ham | GourmetGuerilla.de

Tikka Curry Minced pork with hokkaido and spinach.So: Simply correct taste for palate and hip, no. Lean ground beef or tartare meets browned onions, crunchy yellow peppers, a touch of garlic and fresh spinach. The whole thing stewed briefly in the wonderful tikka curry paste. In addition there is a spoonful of cool yoghurt as a topping and just everything you have on herbs or spring onions in the fridge. You're hungry? Click here for the recipe.

Low Carb Tikka Curry Hack-pan with Hokkaido and Spoinat-in 20 min. Finished and 500 kcal | GourmetGuerilla.com

Autumnal Korean goulash soup Gochujang with pumpkin and zucchini. Rapidly out of the pressure cooker

Only a short while ago, but already an absolute favorite meal: The delicious soup classic gets a thrilling Korean twist with a little gochujang chili paste, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce. So the stew takes its proper flavor and gets really spicy. Much pumpkin and zucchini bring the Korean goulash soup also on the vegetable front in the plus. Serve the autumn Korean goulash soup with some rice and kimchi. A perfect autumn meal! Click here for the recipe.

Autumn Korean Goulash Gochujang with Pumpkin | GourmetGuerilla.com

Crispy Tarte Tatin with pumpkin, braised red onions and goat's cheese

With the two kitchen buddies puff pastry and hokkaido pumpkin, you can easily and quickly make a favorite tart: Hokkaido has not only a wonderful color, but also does not have peeled and cooked only briefly. Stew a few onions, crumble cheese and layer everything in a dish, dough obendruff - ZACK! - you already have a delicious pumpkin tart Tatin. The makes visually and taste a lot and is balm for nerves and soul. Click here for the recipe.

Pumpkin tart tartin with stewed red onions and goat cheese | GourmetGuerilla.com

Stuffed Hokkaido Pumpkin "Bomb Surprise"

And again Hokkaido: Here he wins our hearts (or stomachs?) as hot, delicious stuffed Bomb in bright orange. Especially handy: It prepares very well, then bakes in the oven quite modestly and alone to BANG at the table! to have his big surprise appearance. A real show talent also for beginners! Here's the recipe.

Filled Hokkaido Pumpkin Bomb Surprise GourmetGuerilla.com
 Stuffed Hokkaido Pumpkin Bomb Surprise | GourmetGuerilla .de